2011 Journal

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Please find below the Spring 2011, Volume one, Issue one of the Prognosis.

Dear Reader,

The Prognosis is the first undergraduate student journal at McGill that aims to spark global health discussion among young people in Montreal. Global health is a fairly new term that can be interpreted in many ways. We, the students involved in this journal, would like to provoke debate on the topic of global health, by presenting articles, opinions, and research on diverse issues related to health in different parts of the world.

Our inspiration for this project began in September of last year, born out of our personal fascination with health issues and excitement over the emergence of global health as a hot topic on campus. Although previously involved with the Lancet Student online journal, we decided to branch out in order to create a more focused impact among our student body. McGill University provides a great deal of opportunity to learn about global health, through various academic courses, current research, internships, and programs abroad. We, the creators, publishers and promoters of this journal, have been inspired by such opportunities and want to encourage others to consider the intersection of social, biomedical, global, and local perspectives on health.

Thanks to all those who submitted articles and who helped make the journal a success,

The Prognosis Editorial Committee


Full journal: THE PROGNOSIS

1) Inequalities in Pre-Natal Healthcare: Webpage, Full Article

2) Homelessness and Tuberculosis Transmission in Urban America: Webpage, Full Article

3) A Crash Course on the Taiwanese Health Care System: Webpage, Full Article

4) A Sobering Reality: Webpage, Full Article

5) Your Right to Know: Webpage, Full Article

6) Do Video Games Lead to Violence?: Webpage, Full Article

7) In Cancer’s Genes: Webpage, Full Article