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The Prognosis, McGill’s peer-reviewed student journal of global health, was founded in 2011 to highlight outstanding content at the intersection of social, biomedical, environmental, global, and local perspectives of health. Our 2018-2019 editorial board has worked hard to compile a diverse collection of articles that address the health challenges of an increasingly globalized world.

This project would not be possible without the commitment of our editorial board; it’s been a great pleasure to work with Sarah, Haroon, Tori, Armaan, Alexa, Sol, and Joy, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. On behalf of myself and the editorial board, I wish to extend our sincere thanks to McGill Global Health Programs for their support and to Kristin Hendricks for her dedication to this publication.

Volume VIII of the Prognosis features exceptional research and articles from undergraduate and graduate students at McGill University. prognosis screenshotThe topics we address range from the multi-level factors contributing to tuberculosis in Nunavut to a home-based neonatal care intervention in Gadchiroli, India. The journal opens with Laal Daag, a narrative piece that speaks to the stigmatisation of female menstruation in a rural context in India and the importance of education for reproductive health. We feature two case studies on health policy, which respectively address Costa Rica’s integrated health reforms to its primary care system under the EBAIS model, and the successes and challenges of implementing Thailand’s Universal Coverage Scheme. We conclude with a paper on the implementation of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention in Mali and an article on the introduction of ROTAVAC, an indigenously-developed rotavirus vaccine in India.

The Prognosis is a unique platform that gives a voice to the next generation of global health leaders, empowering them to address emerging health inequities in a global context. By highlighting interdisciplinary approaches to our common challenges, we intend to catalyze dialogue surrounding global health and inspire ideas that may spark productive change.

We hope you learn as much as we did from the following articles, and that this publication will encourage you to engage with your communities to foster health equity at the grassroots level and beyond.

Anna de Waal

Editor-in-Chief, The Prognosis

Full Journal: Prognosis Spring 2019


Laal Daag Paulami Sen Article 1

The Gap Persists: The Differential Usage Of Healthcare In Urban And Rural Areas In Thailand’s Universal Coverage Scheme
Wylie Barker, Nardin Farag, Yae Eun Lee, Haroon Munir, Chloé Pierret, Yiqing Xia, Candace Yang Article 2

Factors Susceptible of Influencing the Onset of the Tuberculosis Outbreak in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut
Samantha Ghanem, Lujain Daghar, Lina Ghandour, Maaz Shahid, Faisca Richer Article 3

Costa Rica’s Health Care Reform: Impact and Success of the EBAIS Model
Luca Cuccia, Julia Chadwick, Adam Hassan, Alexie Kim, Reginold Sivarajan and Vanessa Wong Article 4

A New Paradigm in Neonatal Care: Zooming in on a Home-Based Approach in Gadchiroli, India
Sarah-Leah Eisenberg, Nathaly Aguilera, Annalise Hilts, Hennessey Chartier Ford, Lavanya Virmani, Ali Gunay Article 5

Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention in Mali: An Effective Intervention or an Unsustainable Burden?
Yu Kang T Xu, Jennifer Hitti, Katherine Duncan, Rosie Sun Article 6

Indigenously-developed rotavirus vaccine: a case-study of ROTAVAC in India
Claire Styffe, Lina Ghandour, Kimiya Adjedani, Abigail Boursiquot, Elisabeth de Laguiche, Philip He, Praveen Rajasegaran Article 7