2014 Journal

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From the Editor in Chief

Dear Reader,

The Prognosis is excited to present to you the third volume of our global health journal. Founded in 2011 by a group of innovative students, the journal covers the emergence of global health as a prominent research topic. The mandate at the time was broad, but novel in terms of university publications: it sought to highlight student research on issues at the intersection of biomedical, social, local, and global perspectives of health.

Within these pages, you will discover that the content of this year’s volume adheres to the original vision, while still evolving, addressing the new realities of this dynamic field. For instance, we are featuring a research proposal for the first time. Overall, we have selected seven essays on topics spanning current global health issues that at the same time illustrate the diversity of the student work here at McGill, but also of current international health issues. Their high quality reflects the increasingly vibrant student interest on campus surrounding global health.

We hope that you learn as much as we did from the following articles. This knowledge should inspire you to consider the topic of global health from a different perspective, and engage in fruitful discussions with your peers. The Spring 2014 edition marks a decisive moment for the journal, as The Prognosis is in talks with both the McGill Global Health Program and the Institute for Health and Social Policy to broaden its reach and further its mandate of promoting research on global health issues. Finally, I would like to thank the whole Editorial Board, for without their hard work and commitment over the course of the past year, the final product that your are reading at the moment could not have been possible.

Julien Gagnon, Editor-in-Chief


Full Journal: Prognosis 2014

1) Jennifer Sault – Without prevention programming, is DOTS enough to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis? Observational Analysis from Mayapuri Slum, New Delhi. Webpage, Full Article

2) Brittany Sigler – Euthanasia in Canada: Federal Leverage, Provincial Innovation and Palliative Care. Webpage, Full Article

3) Grace Saul – Stifling Stigma: Why avoiding judgment is key for accelerating the abandonment of Female Genital Cutting. Webpage, Full Article

4) Galen Ostermann – Dissent of the Faithful: Roman Catholic Disobedience to Vatican Policy on Contraception. Webpage, Full Article

5) Kaitlyn Enright – Marijuana and mental illness: The etiology, evolution and clinical expression of psychoses. Webpage, Full Article

6) Laura Hein – Education & Counteraction of the Negative Implications of Nature Deficit Disorder in Children- An Effective Means for Increasing Society’s Valuation of Nature and Conservation. Webpage, Full Article

7) Junyi Mei – Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Africa. Webpage, Full Article