2020 Journal

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to read the McGill Journal of Global Health. We have dedicated this past year to reshaping the future of the Journal, in efforts to better reflect the changing ways students and researchers engage with public health discourse. The past few months have been an ongoing moment of uncertainty, during which the volume and speed of information consumption has accelerated. Our current reality continues to highlight the fissures in our system, the ways in which our current resource distribution system has undermined health, and most of all — that public health is global health. The pandemic has forced us to push the boundaries of what is imaginable for our collective futures, converging on the intersections of the social, biomedical, global and local aspects of health.

This year, we changed our name to reflect our mandate better — moving away from The Prognosis (which carries a heavy biomedical ethos), to describe what we do in simplest terms: Global Health. Bringing together case studies offers an opportunity for readers to take a closer look at health in other contexts, the unique impacts of policy and programming in each context, and to see the calibre of work and analysis McGill students do. The case studies we selected are broad in range: from interrogating the racialized experience of healthcare across the globe to taking a closer look at how Universal Health Care can feasibly be implemented. In putting together this current issue, we sought to bring together case studies which highlight policy, history, the intersectionality of health, and technical and policy solutions to health disparities. We hope that in this moment, these case studies can offer alternate perspectives on health outside of the pandemic context, and motivate discussions on how we can best collaborate moving forward.

The 2019-2020 Editorial Team is proud to present to you this issue. Working on this issue, we’ve been impressed with the thoughtful work students are doing to shape the future of global health academic practice. We thank you for supporting our future global health leaders, and we hope you enjoy reading.


The MJGH Editorial Board


Full Journal: McGill Journal of Global Health 2020