Your Right to Know

Your Right to Know

Alexandra Markus


When I started volunteering at St. Mary’s Hospital two years ago, I was placed in the outpatient department. Most of my job involved sorting and stamping charts, and delivering them to dierent departments of the hospital. In training, the secretaries couldn’t emphasize enough that I must never let a patient see their own chart. Failure to comply with this strict regulation would result in immediate expulsion from the volunteer program. On one occasion when I was walking past the waiting area to deliver a chart, a patient asked me if she could see her chart. Everyone was appalled, as if asking such a question were as egregious as me picking up her chart and reading it aloud. I apologized and said that it is against hospital policy.

Link to full article: Your Right to Know

Alexandra Markus is a U1 student currently majoring in Physiology and double-minoring in Drama and Theatre and Social Studies of Medicine. Global health has always been a passion of hers, primarily thinking up creative yet practi- cal ways of lessening the health burden in developing countries. This summer, she will be going to Peru with Patch Adams et al. to clown around, paint murals, and of course, run a clinic.

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