2013 Journal

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Please find below the Summer 2013, Volume two, Issue one of the Prognosis.

The letter from the editor is below, followed by links to the full journal, as well as individual articles:

We would like to wholeheartedly thank our sponsors for this year’s Journal, without whom our pages would be unbound. Thank you also to our contributors whose words and research are intriguing, inspiring and altogether unique contributions to the field of global health. Our editing team, though small, contributed time, vigor, critique and perspective to the development of this year’s Journal, and for that we thank you: Lorraine Wong, Peter Shyba, Claire O’Brien, Elizabeth Hudler, Megan Galeucia,Tyler Wilson and Carter Smith. We owe considerable thanks to our courageous leaders, Tyler Wilson and Claire O’Brien, whose encouragement and unwavering strength behind the Prognosis were essential at every stage. Thanks to Max Olson for his fitting and clever artistic contribution on this year’s Cover.

We hope you find the pieces in this journal thoughtful and innovative.


2013 Articles

1) The Decline of Penicillin: The Modern Day Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance: Website, Article

2) Over and Under: The Role of Urbanization on the Double Burden of Nutrition in Developing Countries: Website, Article

3) Thriving Plants, Thriving Communities: How Green Space Affects Crime in Urban Environments: Website, Article

4) Bringing Birth Home: An Analysis of Inuit Birthing Practices and Policies: Website, Article

5) The Role of El Nino- Southern Oscillation in Shaping Cholera Disease Dynamics: The Case of Bangladesh: Website, Article

6) Partner Involvement in Contraception and STD Prevention: What is Holding Men Back? Website, Article

7) Legal Obstructions to Access to Essential Medicine Annie Liang: Website, Article