2022 Journal

Dear Reader, 

We are pleased to present to you the eleventh volume of the McGill Journal of Global Health. Founded in 2011, the journal saw its birth in the wish to showcase the highest caliber of student work in public and global health being conducted on campus. This year, the editorial board has continued to carry out this vision of empowering student discourse on emerging health inequities, and making strides to solidify the journal’s unique platform for global health dialogue. 

Volume XI features engaging pieces ranging from policy recommendations on refugee healthcare; critical lenses on global health education at home and abroad; and qualitative studies on global sexual health. In putting together this issue, we aimed as always to promote articles offering new and thoughtful perspectives on global health challenges, and to reflect the vibrancy of student engagement on campus surrounding global health. 

We wish to acknowledge the many faces behind this work and who have shaped the journal into what it is today. This year’s issue has been above all the fruit of the labor of our editorial board: Megan, Aïché, Quinta, Jimmy and Maahir. We also thank all of our authors for their patience and commitment; our faculty reviewers for their invaluable time and insights; the McGill Global Health Programs for their unwavering support of the journal; and especially Christine DeSantis, for her dedication to this publication and the making of this issue. 

We thank you for taking the time to read the McGill Journal of Global Health and for your support. 


The MJGH Editorial Board (2021-2022) 

Read it here: McGill Journal of Global Health – 2022 Spring Issue

A Critical Look at Refugee Healthcare in Canada: Recommendations to Improve the Interim Federal Health Program 

Poojitha Pai, Leah Sarah Peer, Jenny Gao, Shreyashish Roy-Chowdhury, Jasrita Singh, Austin Mardon

Evidence for employing post-secondary educated youth as research assistants in global health disability research 

Shaun Cleaver, Malambo Lastford Miyanda, Patra Likonge, Lynn Akufuna

Survey of Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge in Northern Namibia 

Karine Talbot, Mónica Ruiz-Casares

From concern to commitment: Learning to center equity in occupational therapy admissions processes 

Layla Razek, Hiba Zafran, Barbara Shankland, Caroline Storr

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