2022-2023 Team


Megan Butler

Megan is in her final year of the Master of Science in Public Health program at McGill. Her main area of interest in global health is sexual and reproductive health.  She enjoys being a part of the Journal because it allows her to critically reflect on global health research and work, and learn new ways to more ethically engage in this field. She also likes spending time outdoors and trying new restaurants and cafes in Montreal!



Copy Editors

Palak Desai

Palak is a M.Sc. student at McGill University studying Public Health and a research assistant with the DEPRESSD/LSR project. Through her volunteer experiences, she has become interested in addressing health challenges related to social determinants of health.

Cal Koger-Pease

Cal is a first year PhD student in Experimental Medicine researching vaccine development for schistosomiasis. They did their undergraduate degree at McGill as well in Microbiology and Immunology. Cal is particularly interested in neglected tropical diseases, and infectious diseases in general on a global scale. They look forward to working with MJGH this year and reading all your wonderful global health related work!

Kieran Holmes

Kieran is currently completing the second year of his Master of Science in Public Health. His interests lie in healthy aging, migrant and refugee health, and health equity more broadly. He also has a passion for music and film, and would gladly talk your ear off on whatever he’s been listening to or been watching recently.




Outreach Editors

Daniela Fleming

Daniela is currently in the second year of McGill’s Master of Science in Public Health program. Over the summer, as part of her requirements for the program, she completed an internship with the Office of International Affairs in the Public Health Agency of Canada. In this placement she explored her interest in global health by working on international health policy with Latin American and Caribbean countries. She is very excited that this year she is a part of the Journal as an Outreach Editor where she hopes to continue exploring the many layers of global health, specifically in Latin America and other regions of the Global South, and contribute to this ever-growing field.

Maryam El Alaoui

Maryam is a U3 Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) and International Development student, and an Outreach Editor for MJGH this academic year. She has always had a passion for global health, especially when it comes to raising awareness and educating others on global health issues that we face today. One fun fact about her is that she was able to join a youth round table hosted by Health Canada where they discussed solutions to better prepare us as a nation for future pandemics. She also loves watching movies, spending time with her friends and learning new languages.


Design Editor

Andrés Barrera Patlan

Andrés is in his second year of the Master of Science in Public Health program. His main area of interest in global health is mental health and social determinants of health, especially in marginalized and vulnerable populations. He joined the McGill Journal of Global Health because he enjoys the process of knowledge dissemination and translation of different research projects. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking and watching documentaries.




The Journal’s 2022-2023 team would like to thank the entire 2021-2022 team for their hard work and dedication over the past year in publishing the Spring issue!

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