2015 Journal

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.00.32 PMDear reader,

I am excited to present to you the fourth volume of The Prognosis. Founded in 2011 by a group of undergraduate students at McGill University, our aim is to publish the best student research in the field of global health. As befits a journal concerned with a multi-disciplinary field of research, we take a broad view of what is covered by our publishing mandate. We welcome any paper concerning any issue at the intersection of biomedical, social, local and global perspectives of health, irrespective of discipline, the only selection criteria being the quality of the research.

This volume contains six outstanding pieces of student research. From refugees’ access to healthcare in Canada and Australia to the dietary structure of Inuit communities, the papers contained in this issue span the breadth of the field of global health. Our authors come from a variety of academic backgrounds, from anthropology to kinesiology. These articles reflect not only students’ diverse research interests, but also the vitality of global health as a discipline among the next generation of researchers.

This issue marks many firsts for The Prognosis. It is the first to have solicited submissions from universities across Canada and the first to use peer reviewers to assess the quality of the submissions. Most importantly, this issue is the first to have been published in collaboration with McGill’s Global Health Program and the Institute for Health and Social Policy. The result of talks initiated Julien Gagnon, my predecessor, this collaboration between the journal, the IHSP and the GHP guarantees continuous funding, support, and institutional continuity for The Prognosis.

I wish to thank Denise Maines of the IHSP and Kristin Hendricks of the GHP for their unfailing support of the venture, and of all the advice they provided, which has been crucial to the publication’s success. In addition, I would like to thank the faculty members who have helped us by reviewing the submissions, as well as the authors who have entrusted to us their manuscripts.

Finally, I would like to thank our editors, who have given their precious time and effort to make this volume of The Prognosis a reality.

Yuan Yi Zhu



Full Journal: Prognosis 2015

Occupational Therapy International Fieldwork: Exploration of Student Perceptions and Implications for Planning

Erin A. Douglas, Virginie Tousignant, Maria Haredwood, Caroline Storr, Matthew Hunt. Webpage, Full Article

Asylum Seekers’ Human Rights in Australian Immigration Detention Centers: What Role for Mental Health Practitioners

Noémie Knebelmann. Webpage, Full Article

Examining Barriers to Maternal Health Care in Kenya Using The Three-Delay Framework

Stuart Davidson. Webpage, Full Article

Dietary Structure and Relative Health in Inuit Communities

Shariss Ostrager. Webpage, Full Article

Is it still relevant to view health from a cultural standpoint?: Globalisation, cultural dialogues, and suicide in Japan

Sara Perillo. Webpage, Full Article

Healthcare for All! Access to Healthcare for Migrants with Precarious Status in the Parc-Extension Neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec

Selin Jessa. Webpage, Full Article