In Cancer’s Genes

In Cancer’s Genes

Pauline Helle


Interview with Professor Børresen-Dale: Professor Børresen-Dale  is a pioneer in gene-based cancer treatment. By decoding the genetic material of a patient’ s tumor, researchers can determine the tumor’s “Achilles’ heel,” its weak point, and thus the optimal treatment. This approach is known as “ personalized treatment” and may eventually lead to “personalized prevention,” whereby researchers are able to foresee genetic dispositions towards particular diseases and prevent them from occurring. Hand in hand with her genetic research work, Professor Børresen-Dale works as an avid advocate for the development of translational sciences. Translational science refers to the concept of converting results from basic research into applied research and product development, also described as translating bench science into bedside clinical practice. With personalized treatment potentially redefining our approach and experience in breast cancer research, we asked Pr. Børresen-Dale ten questions about the future of breast cancer.

Link to full article: In Cancer’s Genes

Think Pink is a student-run McGill club dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and fundraising for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF). For more information visit

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