Keeping Contraceptives on the Shelf: A Case Study on the Informed Push Model for Family Planning in Senegal

Frida Blackwell, Jennifer He, Breanna Hodgins, Gisele Nakhle, Ipshita Nandi, Marisa Okano, Anna Qian

Abstract:Keeping Contraceptives

In 2011 the Informed Push Model (IPM) was designed by Intrahealth International and its partners to address the issue
of contraceptive unavailability in urban areas of Senegal. The IPM is a supply chain intervention system that brings the source of supply closer to the source of demand and alleviates local health facilities from directly placing and picking up product orders. A pilot study was conducted over a 6 month period in a district of Dakar and stockouts were completely eliminated at all 14 public health facilities. The project then expanded to include all 140 public facilities in the Dakar region with continued success and is currently undergoing further scale-up to the national level.


See the full article here.

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